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An Artist.
A Dreamer.
A Storyteller.
A Tree Hugger.

Never ever in my life did I imagine having to have a website for myself.


"Would I ever have anything exciting and engaging enough to warrant a website of my own?" 

"If I didn't have any product to "sell" why would I need a website?"


While I haven't gotten any closer to answering these questions, I do know why I decided to have a website for myself. It is because, I never quite knew what to tell people when they asked me: "What do you do for a living?"

As someone who has her finger in every pie, an answer to that mundane question is complicated! I am a voiceover artist, a dancer, a painter, an amateur photographer, a culinary enthusiast, a writer, an interior decorator, a marketing consultant and a student for life. And I have tried to sum all of this up in the simplest way I can, here on this website.


In here, you will find snippets of what my life is as an Artist and a Storyteller.

And also sometimes of those of being a Dreamer and a Tree Hugger as well.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

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