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She is a Dancer

A flick of a finger, a glance of the eyes A pirouette, a squat… or a stretch that reaches for the skies A fluttering heart and a mind that soars And a soul that from within glows

Mohiniyattom dancer striking a pose

Every move tells a story so deep Sometimes stirring emotions that make one weep Of family, friends, some love lost and some won Of victories sealed and mistakes aplenty undone

And when the arc lights shine down on her The world around begins to magically blur She seeks no approval, she needs no favour She is a warrior; and there’s not one braver

In her trance moves the universe – gently like the breeze She swings and sways like a dream – so effortlessly and at ease She is art; a wondrous creation – in her lies every answer For she, is a soul like no other – she is a dancer…



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